Are You Ready To Survive

Basic Tips in Surviving a Tough Economy and/or Natural Disasters:

Some of us live in a rose-colored world. They want to believe that we are going to be just fine the way we are now. I got news for those of us that think this way: IT IS NOT GOING THAT WAY.

This article was not writen to create fear and confusion, but to create an awareness to a fact that is undisputable. We have to stop living under a rock and we have to start looking around us, looking all over this world and see with open eyes what is happening already.

Are we ready to survive an economic or natural collapse? Most of us have scaled back on our life-style, but did we really scale back? Did we make a plan and follow up on it just in case?

“In case of what?”, I am asked!

surviving-disasterIn case we do go to pieces into a second ! There is no doubt in my mind that we eventually will go into some sort of collapse. We are living in a throw-away society and we are not willing to give that up until we are forced to do so. And even if this country survives without major damage to our economy; there is always the very real threat of natural disasters, man-made disasters and other mayhem that could threaten our well being.

More and more disasters are creeping in to our daily life. Seems like at least once a week there is a major disaster somewhere on this Globe and people need help. This is not only cutting our resources for the people in this country short, the whole world will be involved saving each other.

The USMC has a rule they call the “P” Rule: “P roper P rior P lanning P revents P iss-P oor P erformance!”

In times like we live now, this is a good rule to take to heart. We plan now and no matter what happens a few months or even a few years , we will be prepared and we will have the means to perform as we should. By perform I am talking about taking care of our families and maybe even the friends that are near and dear to our heart. Economist will tell you that without a question there is a 99% chance of worldwide economic collapse. They base this on the current banking system here in the U.S. and around the world. The general consensus between all those learned people is that the only thing that will prevent this collapse would be a mathematical perfect economy and in the end only an interest free economy would be sustainable. Face it friends, we are not anywhere near a mathematically perfect economy and we are far from being interest free. Fact is we are going even deeper the other way. How far are we in dead? Personally and politically?

So we develop a Plan-of-Action for every possible scenario we can think of and review it maybe once a month, talk it over with the family and change the things that need to be changed. Consider how you could protect your family in times of trouble, any trouble. There are three major factors to consider: financial collapse, a major terrorist attack and natural disasters. Include all three in your plan and you have a got good head start on surviving.

And I can never stress enough that a good Home Library is always the way to keep up-to-date. At the end of this article are links to some very good informational book through and other companies, where you can buy the books. Go check them out and start getting your Library together! Let’s start with a list: Food and Drinkable Water, Shelter, Protection and Heat.

Food and drinkable Water is a must.

Water does not go bad, it is storable!

If we collapse over night, the Stores will be empty within Hours of the announced collapse. We see that with every natural disaster coming at us. Store supplies are emptied in no time at all.

So we think ahead.

In a natural disaster scenario that is localized to one region, food and water will eventually re-appear in the stores in a short time, whatever you would call a short time. In a collapse scenario, there will be nothing to buy or no money to buy it with. Thinking ahead and a food and water stable that can sustain the family for several months is very advisable.

Canned goods, dry meats and vegetables, powdered milk and other powdered goods that are readily available are a start. With an economic collapse we have to think farther then that. We have to think maybe years ahead and prepare for that.cannedgoods

Heirloom seeds, potting soil and grow containers, if we do not have a garden, and other means tailored to your needs to grow your own food. Maybe even enough to barter with your neighbors. That will be a big plus in that sort of scenario.

Canning materials such as jars and spices for canning. Sugar, Salt and and Herbs and spices are a must have.

Herbs and spices also will serve for medicine, so please inform yourself about those possibilities.

You need to tailor your storage to your families needs and do not make a mistake to take short cuts, it will come back at you later.

Drinkable Water is also very important, so store up on those purification tablets, tuck a few bottles of Clorax Bleach away, a few drops of that in a bucket of water will do wonders. Make absolutely sure you have the means to keep everyone in water. AND, Whatever you have to store water in, DO NOT USE clear plastic bottles, even the ones you buy in the store with water in them will give up the chemical in them after a while.

Inform yourself on how to do that in your region of the country. Get those pamphlets from your local Extension Office and read them, incorporate the ideas and recommendations into your plan.

Shelter is the least of our worries, or so we think.


Shelter should be a big worry if we want to keep our loved ones save and healthy. Unless you are crazy about spending months and months with thousands of other people in a Football Stadium, Shelter should be a big ticket on your plan, fact is, it should be the very first item on your plan.

You should not depend on the house you live in now, you need to have a plan B and an alternate way to keep your family safe.

That Camper in your backyard you been thinking about selling because you just do not have the time to go camping anymore, or your family is not really nuts about spending time in the woods with the mosquitoes? Yes that one! You really should hang on to that one and make sure it is in top shape all the time and stocked up to be moved at a minutes notice. Fill up that propane bottle and maybe get a second one on top of it.

Ok, so you don’t have a Camper! Buy one, buy good quality Tents and dig deep into your Boy scout days, remember what all it is you need to go camping.

Get that Sterno you have not thought about in years, stock up on tarp’s and wool blankets, buy extra knifes and store them with the supplies and do not forget fire making materials, be it flint and steel, water proof matches or other means to build a fire. You will find, life without warmth is a misery.

Then buy a big duffel bag, pack it all in there nice and need and store it in a closet, ready to be grabbed on your way out of the door.

Depending on the size of your family, you may want to have one for every member.

Being prepared is all that matters. You do not have to go over board with it, but there are essentials for survival that are absolute must haves.

Protection, yes protection:

A sore subject with many people:

Protection is important. You need to have something to keep your family and yourself save.

Let’s face it, not everyone is prepared for a total breakdown of all the things we know and are used too, fact is , almost nobody is prepared. People really will go to extremes to feed and shelter their own in an emergency situation. So maybe you got everything to survive for a year, the guy down the road blown everything off as a hype and now he is starving. He knows you have food and shelter, what is he going to do? He is not going to come up and ask for a cup of coffee, you can be assured of that. He will come with his buddies and take what he can, using any method he can think off. That includes killing whoever will stand in his way.

Looking down a Gun Barrel will make him think twice. However he may come back for another try and you maybe need to be prepared to pull that trigger to save your family and yourself. So a dependable gun and plenty of Ammo should also be in your survival kit. If you do not know how to use one, go to your local Gun Club and learn, take the wife/husband and take the children. Learn how to use a Gun, learn how to take care of a Gun and most of all learn to have respect for that Gun. A good Gun Club will have Instructors that will teach you all those things and it is never to late to learn. In a situation were you have to defend yourself and your families existence, there is nothing better then to know how to use and handle a Gun.

Besides the fact that you may need to become the hunter of the family and go and get the meat for your table.

Another thing you absolutely need to take in consideration is kids and teenagers in the house with guns.

Many people do not want firearms around because they are worried about their kids. I am not sure how you as the reader of this has grown up, but I know my family always had guns and I was raised to have a healthy dose of respect for them. I was also raised to handle firearms correctly from early age on. It is not the Gun that kills, it is the person that pulls the trigger. And yes I know this is an old cliche’, but it is a true one.

With today’s Gun-locks, secure cabinets and all the safety features you want or need, there should not be any worry about kids getting into anything unauthorized.

Heat and warm clothing.

remember the four seasons?

Have you ever been caught in a rainstorm without shelter and just a thin shirt on? I bet you had been wishing for a roaring fire to warm up and some warm clothing to stay dry in.

Water proof matches and flint and Steel in a survival pack is also a must. Learn how to throw a spark with your survival knife and a rock, but learn what rock to use. Also pack some tinder. Tinder is easily made by unraveling a natural rope and shredding the fiber, or dig out that old Boy scout book and find natural tinder. Certain woods that have turned rotten will do the trick, dry leaves and twigs that easily will catch on fire, the real cotton balls out of the medicine bottles, the list can go on and on. Get a book, learn and stick that book right into that Duffel Bag you packed earlier. The trick here is to know what to use when.

A Magnifying glass or regular prescription glasses will also set tinder on fire with the help of the sun.

Warm clothing in northern climates is also a survival essential. So what if your kids laugh at you when you try those long johns on, I guarantee you they will not laugh once they get cold and have a pair to wear. Wool is always the best thing to keep warm, so get some wool socks for that pack, maybe a wool sweater, too. Cotton will get real cold once it is wet. Should you find yourself camped out in the woods with your family, tennis shoes will not be the thing to wear. Get some sturdy Hiking boots that will last with you for a while and that will keep your feet save from all sorts of ailments. Now is the time to go out and get all of that. When it is to late it will be too late. Remember: to be prepared is to stay alive.

Other essentials you may need:

First Aid and Medications:

index44You may want to consider to also pack a well stocked first aid kit. It never hurts to have one and to put extra antibiotic cream and painkillers in it. The kit’s you can buy have all of that in there already, but in a limited amount, so you want to really fill it up with things you may not be able to get. Also in that first aid kit, you should get a book that identifies local plants you can use for medicine. Learn what those plant look like and what they can do for your health and well being.

If you are on prescription Medications, you should have an emergency stock of them too, and do not forget to rotate those regularly.

A small kit with fishing hooks and line is also something you may want to add to your pack. Maybe some tied flies and fake worms will help you get that dinner on the table.

Make sure you have plenty of fishing line. It is a relatively light thing to carry but it is also a handy survival tool. String some fishing line with several empty can’s attached to it around your campsite at night and you will know if there are any intruders. Fishing line also makes a very sturdy sewing threat for shelters and garments alike.

Space blanket’s, you know those thin silver things that fold up to about wallet size, yes those! They come very handy when you do not have a fire and need to stay warm, they also come handy inside a sleeping bag when it is very cold outside and they are not heavy or bulky, so get a bunch of them and stick them in the duffel.

Garbage bags come handy for all sorts of things. They can be worn as an emergency rain coat, they will keep your things dry inside your duffel bag and they also will serve as a dry place to sit down on. In a pinch, they will keep body heat inside if you wear them, ask any Hobo.

A roll or two of good tape is a good idea to have handy in that pack. It will get you out of some situations you would not have thought of before.

Living in a tough live community:

These tips are for extreme situations.

It may not come that you have to you camp out in the woods, but it is always good to have it just in case. You will kick your own butt, should you get into a tight spot and you do not have it handy.”IT”, being: food, shelter, protection and water are important to take into consideration. Please do not rely on the Government to come swooping in and help. Getting yourself caught unprepared and out in the cold, you will find even one night in the open will be a disaster.

In an economic collapse, everyone is in the same boat, that includes the Government, too. Even if Homeland Security is at it’s prime peak and performance, it will take a long time before everyone will be able to relax and even then it is very doubtful that there will be much of a rescue.

In a disaster type situation, help will eventually come, but you never know how long it will take, how bad the situation is. Being prepared for the worse is a very good idea.

He who helps themselves will be helped.

On the other hand, there is your community. Form community connections with people you can trust. Learn who lives in your community and what dangers there may be in case of an emergency situation. Get to know who is around you and who you maybe want to avoid. Take in consideration how you can help each other and how to recognize the weakness of the community and overcome that problem.

I realize that it is not realistic for everyone to work toward a goal that will keep you and yours totally save, but the step you are taking now will get you in a better position then what you are going to be in if you do nothing.

A few acres of land, tended properly, can and will provide adequate food for you and your family and friends.

Save those seeds, learn how to grow a garden and make a list of the foods you may want or need. Vegetables will always make a good barter tool and maybe you want to take a few chickens for the eggs in consideration too. Yes I know that is going to the extreme, but hey, eggs are the perfect food and the chicken itself will make a meal for everyone.

Learn how to chop wood and keep a good ax handy in your garden shed.

If you do not know already, get a book on basic home repairs and learn how to fix that leaking roof.

Build yourself a library of how-to books on animal care, nutrition, herbs and spices, natural herbal remedies, cooking from scratch and cooking out-doors. Believe me when I tell you it is not a waste of good money. Those sort of books will come handy when you stand there scratching your head because you do not know what to do.

Barter or Trade:

Find that special skill you have and work on it. Work traded for food, clothing or other things will be the thing to do.

Find the one thing that will help you weather tough times and give you the means to survive.

Look into food production, maybe start a small scale farm, be it poultry or vegetables, it will give you the means to barter for the things you need, and feed your own family. If you have enough Land, get a Milk Cow and a Horse. Learn how to make butter and cheese. The horse will come handy once everyone runs out of gasoline and needs transportation.

Stock up on things you can barter away. Ammunition, alcohol, OTC medications, things that will be hard to come by but easily stored and saved will give you a big step toward surviving and the goodwill of your friends and family.

And last but not least: turn those liquid assets you have into Land, Gold or Silver.

Not one of those things will go bad on you and they will come handy in surviving a very touch time.

First however, buy the things that will be necessary in tough times: tools and supplies.

Silver can be used to hold the value of money and be sold when you need cash.

Gold is another story. You can buy heavy gold chains and cut them for the weight should you need only a small amount of money or other things or you can get gold bullion while the dollar still has some value, to be sold after the crunch is over and you need liquid assets again to survive.

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